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The Lonnie Dawson Band

The Lonnie Dawson Band

The Lonnie Dawson Band is a collective group of highly experienced and highly skilled musicians. Everyone one in the band has been on tour with major recording artists and is considered to be “at the top of their musical game.”

Players like Lonnie Dawson, Kirk Browne, Bill Beyer, Brad Winchell and Alex Eckhoff have traveled the world playing music, and locally, coast-to-coast. This is truly a band full of seasoned veterans!

Everyone plays multiple instruments, electric/acoustic guitars, steel guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, literally anything with strings, multiple keyboards and any type of percussion instrument, from traditional drums to exotic steel drums.

Lonnie’s vocals, combined with a seasoned backup band are the recipe for success! Lonnie’s voice is authentic Country, strong and unique. His voice matches his guitar prowess. Comparisons to Brad Paisley and Stevie Ray Vaughn are common when describing Lonnie’s guitar playing.

The band covers traditional Country tunes you know and love, as well as current Top 40 Country and timeless Rock tunes from the past.