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The Lost Spurs

The Lost Spurs

The Lost Spurs are a high energy music group performing Top 40 hits from multiple genres with a focus on Country Music. The band features local music luminaries in the prime of their careers. Band members include Bill Beyer, Mike Parsons, Justin Dike and Stephen Hilton. The band is fronted by an extremely dynamic duo of singers, Joe Denges and Dwana Olsen. Everyone is notable in what they bring to the band, however, collectively the band creates a memorable performance, every time they play “live.”

From Mike’s prolific guitar playing, to Bill’s lush chord layering in the background, to the super tight rhythm section created by Justin and Stephen – the band is tight! Add Joe’s voice that sounds extremely “emotional” at times, Dwana’s pitch perfect vocals, or the blending of their voices and you’ve got The Lost Spurs.

Everyone in the band doubles on multiple instruments and sings as well. While the band specializes in Country Music you know and love, they also perform “monster hits” from yesterday and today!

The band is highly polished, and highly professional.